Additional Offerings


HTS knows that there is more to school than just academics. Therefore we offer some expanded programs to our Holy Trinity Community, like a Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten program; as well as an Athletic program for our students and an Extended Day Program to accommodate working parents.




Our Pre- K is unique as we work with families to make the first formal year of school a flexible (Choose Full-Day, Half-day or a combination of the two) and fun one for both children and families. Our curriculum is based on developing the whole child (socially, academically, emotionally, physically and spirituality). We use the Creative Curriculum philosophy of providing a learning environment of hands-on developmental play. Activities are developed around a common theme (winter, colors, friends etc.). Special days and events are also celebrated (100th day of school, holidays, star of the week, Teddy Bear Clinic) to build a sense of community within the classroom. Our teachers provide a safe, warm and caring environment which allows your child to grow and develop skills from where he/she is developmentally. Each child is looked at as an individual learner and part of our special classroom community. Our Pre K classes also go to “specials”  for enrichment activities in music, art and physical education. Highlights of the skills children develop in our Pre K program include literacy development, math development, social/emotional development, and spiritual development

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The athletic program at Holy Trinity School aims to provide an interscholastic athletic experience for our student body that emphasizes the development of basic skills, fun and fair play. Through participation in the sports program of Holy Trinity School, student-athletes develop healthy, life-long wellness behaviors, while learning about sportsmanship, compete tion, school pride, and dedication.

Holy Trinity programs include both Varsity and Jr. Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball teams, coed Soccer, coed Track, and Cheerleading. In the design of the athletic program, the widest possible participation of students will be encouraged. Over-emphasis on competitive athletics will be avoided. Students who participate in sports must meet the behavioral and academic standards the school sets for membership on sports teams. (Failure to maintain a grade average of 70 or higher could jeopardize the student’s participation in athletics.) Fans and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. A positive atmosphere of encouragement and support for all athletes, coaches and officials adds to the benefit of our students’ athletic experience. See More..


Extended Day Program (EDP)26433ed2_81a7be8c613900fe8376350b48db8573_1425598978825

Holy Trinity School recognizes the demands placed on families today, the EDP program addresses the needs by providing both a before and after school childcare program. This program enables the child to remain in the same safe environment, eliminating the need for disruptive changes during the day and alternative child care arrangements by the parents. This service is available on a weekly or daily basis for a nominal fee. See More..