• How much is tuition and how is it paid?

    Tuition calculation on the Tuition Page.  Please call the school office at 603-524-3156.  Tuition Assistance is available.

  • Do you admit non-Catholic students to the school?

    We welcome students of all faiths at Holy Trinity School. Race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background will not determine admission to Holy Trinity.

  • Are the teachers certified by the State?

    Yes. The teachers are certified by the State of New Hampshire and the Diocese of NH.

  • What courses does the school offer?

    HTS offers a rigorous curriculum including Reading, Religion, Math, Grammar, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. We also offer Spanish, Art, Music, Physical Education, Robotics, Coding, and Aerospace.

  • Are religious classes required of all students?

    All HTS students are expected to attend and participate in religious education classes. Teachers are sensitive to the student’s ability to understand and will be respectful of the student’s personal religious convictions. Students are expected to be present for liturgical and other religious services.

  • What extra-curricular activities does HTS offer its students?

    HTS offers athletic programs including Soccer, Basketball, Track, & Cheerleading. Chess Club & Yearbook meets after school once a week. Additionally, HTS participates in the Gunstock Mountain Ski & Snowboarding program (additional fee required) on Wednesday afternoons.

  • Does your school have a security system?

    Yes. Our student, staff and faculty security is a top priority. We have an updated, state-of-the-art system with cameras which monitor doors and hallways.  All school exterior doors are locked and students and guests must be “buzzed” in through the Messer Street entrance.

  • Is there a dress code at the school?

    Yes. HTS students Grades K- 8 wear school uniforms as outlined in the Parent Handbook. School uniforms are provided by Donnelly’s Clothing. Visit their website to view the catalog.
    Pre-K students have a dress code as outlined in the Parent Handbook.

  • What are the school’s hours of operation?

    All students can arrive at school at 7:50 and the day starts officially at 8:20 am. The day ends at 2:55 pm with car duty ending at 3:10 pm. Our Pre-K program has flexibility to meet individual children and families’ needs.

  • Is there an after-school/before-school program?

    HTS has its own before-and after-school program just for HTS students. The morning program runs from 7:00-8:10 am, while the after-school program runs from 3:00-5:30 pm. The fees for this program depend on how many hours the children spend at the program.

  • Is there a hot lunch program?

    Hot lunches are provided by the Laconia School District under the Federal Hot Lunch Program. A Free and Reduced Lunch Program is available for eligible families.

  • Is there transportation provided?

    Students who live in Laconia can make arrangements to ride the Laconia School District bus system. Carpooling options may be available for surrounding towns.