Registration Info

Formal registration is held during Catholic Schools Week (usually the last week in January). Every student enrolled in the school must re-register at the prescribed time. New families to the school who intend to seek the Diocesan supported tuition rate, and returning families who have not previously been approved for the supported tuition rate must be registered and have a Supported Student form signed by their Parish priest in the office by March 15th.

Kindergarten families who receive the Diocesan supported tuition rate and families who choose the optional school tuition aid are expected to perform 30 hours of service to the school to be completed by the end of the school year. (Contact the main office for definition of what constitutes service hours).

Returning families who have previously been approved for the Diocesan supported tuition rate must also register by March 15th, and indicate on their registration form their intention to seek this rate again.

Non-Catholic students are welcome to attend Holy Trinity School. Race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background will not determine admission to Holy Trinity. In the event of limited enrollment in individual grades, previously enrolled students will have seniority.


For more information on Registration please call 524-3156 x117, or email Lorien Garden: