Sports Write-Ups


Holy Trinity vs. Pittsfield 10-17-16

In their second to last game of the season, the Crusaders came out fighting hard against the Panthers of Pittsfield. Adam Barton was in goal again playing his best, stopping 17 shots and allowing just 4 to go in. Strong games were turned in by Cole Bertholet and Amelia Hosmer on offense. Catherine Pingol and Olivia Hagan played well on defense. The Crusaders last game is Monday October 24th at Concord Christian Academy.

Holy Trinity vs. Chichester 10-4-16

Coming into this game, the Crusaders knew they would be able to keep up with a depleted Chichester team. Right when the game began, the Crusaders were attacking and doing everything possible to score. Many shots were taken, but just missed the goal. As the game progressed, Robbie Merola took a ball down the field, passed to a cutting Drew Hosmer, who kicked the ball just over the Chichester goalie’s head into the goal. 1-0 HTS. Chichester stormed back though grabbing 2 quick goals to take the lead before halftime. The team would keep fighting but the youth of the Crusaders started to show, making mistakes and turning the ball over many times. Final score 3-1 Chichester.

Adam Barton played well in goal again, recording 16 saves. Samantha Armstrong had a breakout game tonight, fighting for the ball, making great passes, and keeping the hustle up all game.

Next up for the Crusaders is a game against Concord Christian


Holy Trinity vs. Allenstown 10-3-16

Taking on the same team they just played, HTS was ready to go to battle again. The first half was the same as the last game, many shots but neither team could put a shot in. As halftime finished, the rain started to pour and the goals started to go in for Allenstown. The game ended in a 4-0 loss for the Crusaders but valiant efforts were turned in. Ava Hosmer and Olivia Hagan both had big games on offense, while Lexi Dinsmoor and Paige Rueffert played well on defense.

The Crusaders head to Chichester on Tuesday for a rematch against the Rams. Game time starts at 4pm


Holy Trinity vs. Allenstown 9-28-16

The Crusaders traveled to Allenstown the other day to take on the Eagles. The game started out with both teams taking shots on goal, but neither one could score. In the 22nd minute, the Eagles got a pass to the center and put it right past Adam Barton for the first goal. The Eagles would add 2 more before halftime to make it 3-0. Coming out of the half, the Crusaders did not give up and had many shots on goal, but could not get one to go in.

Adam Barton played well in goal stopping 11 shots, while Reagan O’Neill and Amelia Hosmer had strong games as well.

The Crusaders travel back to Allenstown on Monday at 4pm


Holy Trinity vs. Gilmanton 9-23-16

The Crusaders took on Gilmanton Friday and were prepared for a tough fight against the Spartans. Both teams had some close opportunities to score in the beginning of the game, but neither team could connect. Right before halftime, Gilmanton seized control of the ball and put it in the back of the net for a 1-0 lead. The Crusaders came out of halftime energized and but just couldn’t put the ball in the goal, losing 5-0.

Adam Barton was in goal again making 18 saves. Emma O’Neill had another strong game on offense, nearly scoring a goal. Paige Rueffert and Gillian Rollins had strong games on defense, while Catherine Pingol and Olivia Hagan both did well on offense.
The Crusaders will travel to Allenstown on Wednesday this week before their three-day weekend.

Holy Trinity vs. Pittsfield – 9/21/16

The Holy Trinity Crusaders traveled down to Pittsfield on Wednesday to take on the Panthers. Mr. Hosmer knew it was going to be a tough game, with Pittsfield fielding an all 8th grade team. The defense needed to step up this game, and they were up for the challenge.

Adam Barton started in goal again, making 5 saves, 2 of them goal stopping. After halftime, Mr. Hosmer decided to give someone else a chance in  goal. In stepped Drew Hosmer. Drew allowed just 2 goals in his stint between the posts, and recorded 12 saves.

Some stand out performances included Jayda Glines and Emma O’Neill in the midfield. Ethan Armstrong played well on offense, nearly scoring a goal. On defense, Kate Merola turned in her best game, kicking many balls out, turning away shots, and helping out her teammates.

Next up for the Crusaders is a game against Gilmanton on Friday. Come out and support them!

Holy Trinity vs. Concord Christian 9-15-16

Coming off a strong showing against Chichester in their first game, Holy Trinity was excited to get going for the game. Although it didn’t start out as planned, HTS was still giving it their all. The Kingsman took advantage right away scoring in the third minute, and didnt let up. The young Crusaders team had many turnovers and Concord Christian were on top of all of them. The Crusaders played tough but couldn’t keep up with the strong Concord team. Adam Barton played well in goal, while Emma O’Neill, Jayda Glines and Paige Rueffert has strong games as well. The Crusaders take on Gilmanton on Monday September 19th at 4pm


Holy Trinity vs. Chichester 9/13/16

The Holy Trinity Crusaders soccer team kicked off their 2016 season last Tuesday traveling down to Chichester to take on last season’s Suncook Valley League Champions. The Crusaders return most of the team from last year, and add a few more fresh faces this year.

With the graduation of last season’s goalkeeper, the Crusaders were in dire need of someone to step up. Insert Adam Barton. When the game began, both teams were trying to create opportunities to score, but to no luck. In the 33rd though, the rams were able to get past Amelia Hosmer and put one in the back of the net for a 1-0 lead. The rams capitalized on a few more mistakes by the Crusaders and quickly went up 4-0. With halftime fast approaching, Robbie Merola knew that the team needed a goal if they had any chance of keeping up with the host. In the 44th minute, Ava Hosmer sent in a cross toward goal and the ball hit one of the Chichester players arm, making it “hand ball” and giving the Crusaders a penalty kick with an opportunity to get that badly needed goal. Robbie stepped up to the ball, stared down the goalie and sent the ball right over the goalie’s head, just under the crossbar. That put the score at halftime, Chichester- 4 HTS- 1

After halftime, both teams came out fired up and ready to start their season off with a win. Chichester took control of the first possession and went down the field, kicked the ball towards the goal just out of the outstretched hands of Adam and it trickled into the goal. As the game progressed, Chichester took advantage and made the most off of HTS turnovers, scoring two more times to put the game out of reach. That didn’t stop the Crusaders from coming back however. Drew Hosmer took a wonderfully placed pass from sister Ava, controlled it, and scored giving HTS another goal. Robbie Merola would add his second goal of the young season a few minutes later but it wouldn’t be enough as the whistle sounded and the game was finished.

The Crusaders lost the game 7-3 but walked away from it with confidence and held their heads high. Next up for the Crusaders is a game in Concord against the Kingsman of Concord Christian on Thursday at 4pm