Family Handbook

Each family should familiarize themselves with what is expected of the parent, the child, and the school. Please sign Hand Book Signature Agreement acknowledging that you've read the handbook.

Family Handbook - Signature Agreement

Please download and complete, acknowledging your understanding of, and agreement to abide by, the Family Handbook

Extended Day Program Weekly Registration Form

Form for you to pick the days and hours that you wish your child to attend, authorizing associated costs.

Extended Day Program Contact & Authorized Person(s) Form

Extended Day Program emergency, parental and guardian contact information. Additional assignments for authorized child pickup.

Ski Waiver of Indemnity

Required release form for all participants in our ski progams

Driver & Vehicle Registration

Transporting students requires minimum auto insurance and an office copy of this completed form

Medical Authorization Release Form - prescription

This release form pertains to staff providing assistance to your child when she/he is taking prescribed medicines.

Medical Authorization Release Form - non prescription

This release form pertains to staff providing assistance to your child when she/he is taking non-prescription medicines. Should only be completed if not completed electronically upon registration. 

Epi Pen Use Form

Approval form for your child to possess and use an Epinephrine Auto-Injector upon school property

Emergency Medical Care / Release of Medical Information

Permission forms to provide emergency medical treatment & care to your child. Allows for release of medical information.

Service Hours Contract

This form confirms whether you elect to accept, or not accept, the School contribution (30 hours of service) toward the actual cost of tuition.

Enrollment Tuition Agreement

This is the form confirming your acceptance of your final tuition agreement and responsibilities for the year.

Required Classroom Materials Checklist

Each grade level has different classroom needs and requirements. Please download the attached checklist and be sure bring appropriate items on visiting day

Extended Absence Form

Planning a vacation? Is there a need for your child to miss school for an extended period of time? Please notify us with this form

Art Directory Color Contest Sheet

When students take part in service activities—both local and beyond—they demonstrate the values and faith they gain through their Catholic education and learn how to make the world a better place

Permission Slip

Going on a field trip or other extracurricular activity? This form is for both child participants and chaperones alike

Holy Trinity Directory Contact Information

Invaluable and FREE. Your child’s classmates and parents’ telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses will be readily available - for play dates, carpooling, social events, etc. Holy Trinity faculty and staff names, and a business contact section are included. The business contact section is available for those HTS families who own, or are a partner in, their own business or franchise

Emergency Alert contact information form

Every time we send a school wide announcement call, regardless of the urgency of the message, we need your primary number and email address for regular communication.

Join the eMail List

We need your email to receive our “HTS News.” The list is also used for important messages that may come up during the day, as well as updates on HTS events

Pre-K Day Schedule

A breakdown of our anticipated daily and monthly schedule for your pre-K child

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