Holy Trinity School has partnered with Chef Kaylon Sweet, owner of Osteria Poggi, an Italian restaurant in Center Harbor, to create a Farm-to-School Lunch Program beginning this Fall.


The farm-to-school program is designed to give children access to nutritious, high-quality food grown by local farmers. We believe that it is crucial to introduce students to a healthy lifestyle at a young age, and that they will be more likely to adopt that lifestyle in the future.


Holy Trinity School will incorporate food, nutrition, and farming themes into our student's curriculum through the farm-to-school program. Students will have the opportunity to see how their food is prepared and where their ingredients come from.


Holy Trinity School's farm-to-school program strengthens the community by supporting local agriculture by paying a fair price for the food. The program also creates opportunities for building meaningful and lasting relationships between the school, families, and local farmers.

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