Parent participation is the greatest way to ensure the success of your childs educational future. From volunteerism in the PTO, on the board, in the classroom, or in the community - you are key to the success of your child at Holy Trinity Catholic School!

Monthly Meetings

General Meetings

Meetings will be held monthly, September through May. Meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month, at 6:30 pm, in the school cafeteria.

Check the calendar!


Fundraiser schedules and products need to be reviewed by the Principal at the beginning of the school year. They must not conflict with School fundraisers and are not part of the school’s family fundraiser credit. PTO fundraisers support the activities found in the timeline on this page.

Daily and on-going fundraisers also include:
BoxTop Collection
Hannaford Dollars
Penny Wars

Our June goal is $3000 in the coffers for following year activities.


  • Membership is open
  • to student parents & guardians
  • to faculty & staff of HTS
  • There are NO fees!

The Mission of the PTO

The members of the Holy Trinity School PTO are dedicated to supporting and enhancing our children’s Catholic education and spiritual growth. They will serve to strengthen our community through honesty and integrity while uniting the parents, students and staff through ongoing communication, effective fundraising and by promoting enrichment programs.
If You Haven't Done So...
Consider your role in the PTO, as we are always in need of help, one way or another. Take some time to consider an active role in HTS's Parent-Teacher Organization ... Get Involved!
The Purpose of the PTO
  • Promote communication among parents, teachers and administration
  • Coordinate parental suport for Holy Trinity School by assisting in school activities, social functions, fundraisers, and other school identified objectives

Executive Board
Consisting of four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The board will conduct the business affairs of PTO such as conduct monthly meetings, form committees when necessary, review and recommends money disbursements, coordinate fundraising events and social activities.

Parent Organization

It is recommended that each school have a Parent Association/Organization.
Parent Organizations and other fundraising entities are required to follow the fiscal policies and procedures of the Catholic Schools Office and Diocesan Finance Office. The principal and in the case of a parish school the pastor shall have final approval of all disbursements from income raised by parent organizations. All income raised for a specific purpose and accepted by the school must be disbursed for that specific purpose unless alternative disbursements were set forth at the time the income was raised. Whenever funds are raised for a specific purpose and the specific purpose is not met or cannot be carried out, the school community is to be notified that the funds shall be used for the general advancement of the school.

All parents and guardians of students in the school are encouraged to be active members of the Parent Organization. Members of the teaching staff may be ex-officio members.

Connect with us

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