Holy Trinity Student's ski on Wednesday's at Gunstock Ski Resort

Over 40 years ago, Gunstock developed an Outreach Program to offer children opportunities to learn skiing, snowboarding, or cross country skiing at a discounted rate, while providing a safe and social learning environment.

  • Students receive a season pass
  • 4 weeks of 1 hour lessons
  • 4 weeks of complementary rentals
  • 1st session begins in January 

The First Timer level: is the easiest level to spot because these are the students that have not been on skis or a snowboard at a ski resort before. In the backyard does not count as having expe rience and means these students would still be placed in the First Timer category. First Timers will be introduced to the equipment, your responsibility code, learn the basic skills to perform movements needed. Students will learn how to load and unload the uphill surface lift (Magic Carpet) at our beginner area. Students will also learn to place feet in skis and ratchet on a snowboard.

Entry Level Ski: Entry Level students are just starting to develop the skills to turn. They are generally skiing on green terrain or the Magic Carpet or the Penny lift. These students put on and take off their own skis and successfully walk up hill using either side stepping or herringbone. They can also demonstrate the skills required to get on and off the lift, including the ability to stop by turning or with a wedge.

Intermediate Ski: Students at the intermediate level are skiing on green and blue terrain, using wedge turns. They may be wedge turns moving toward parallel turns, but not fully confident in their skills. Students are progressing toward matching their skis. Turns show speed control the ability to stop, and turns of varying size and rhythm.

Advanced Ski: Advanced level students are making strong turns. trying black diamond trails and skiing aggressively. These skiers can effectively control their speed by the shape of their turns. This is the highest level lesson we offer and students should be comfortable skiing the whole mountain.

Beautiful Days of Skiing Fun Await

Students receive a 2018-2019 season pass
4 weeks of 1 hour lessons
4 weeks of complementary rentals
January 2, 9, 16, & 23 (makeup class on the 30th)

all for

Only $159


For more information about the Program, Ski/Snowboarding equipment rental packages, or Gunstock Outreach specific questions: contact Coordinator, Sarah Hoey at (603)-937-0011

For your child to be allowed to participate, a waiver must be filled out and returned to the office.

Download Waiver

What if a child misplaces or forgets to bring their Outreach pass for a scheduled visit?
This year each student will be issued a season pass with their name and school or group name on it. If your child loses or forgets their pass. they will need to purchase a $5 replacement in order to participate with their school or group that day /night. No exceptions!
If there is a possibility that my child may receive ski or snowboard equipment as a gift, should I sign them up for rentals?
What if my child has a season pass to Gunstock?
What if my child does not want to take the lesson?
What if my child has an injury or illness and cannot continue to participate in the program?
What if my child is ill and cannot participate for a given week during the program? Will they be entitled to a refund?
What if I for get to submit a refund request for my child? Con I do so once the program ends?
What if my child feels that the lesson group they are in is not appropriate for their level and ability?
What if my child wants to switch from skiing to snowboarding or vice versa each week?
What happens during inclement weather?
If I have any questions about the program. who should I contact?

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